Miss Maryland Jr High, High School and Collegiate

Official state preliminary to the Miss High School America, Miss Collegiate America AND Miss Junior High School America Pageants



  1. How do I enter?? How do I pay my fees?

    You must submit your contestant entry form with the full fee to be considered entered.

    This year you may send in advance, or bring with you in person.  PLEASE submit the entry form in advance if you wish to pay at the time of pageant check-in.

    Form may be emailed to pageantperks@yahoo.com and fee may be sent via PayPal to acct: Pageantperks@yahoo.com or by mail.  Please make checks payable to T. Jamison, Pageant Director.  Please write contestant name in memo line.

    Form and fees may be mailed to:

    Tracey Jamison, Director

    Maryland School Pageants

    8107 Kylemore Way

    Ellicott City, MD 21043

  2. Are fees refundable?

    All fees are non-refundable. 

  3. Are contestants required to stay at the host hotel?

    No, however please be advised that lateness will not be tolerated to competition events.  Judges may be informed of any tardiness.

  4. Can we have help backstage?

    Junior high school contestants may have ONE person assisting with wardrobe changes.

    High School and Collegiate contestants CANNOT have assistance and may only use pageant-authorized hair and make-up artists.

    This is consistent with the rules at nationals.

  5. When and where is the pageant?

    November 13, 2016

    Holiday Inn, Jessup

    Pageant is at 3pm

  6. How many queens will be crowned?

    Maryland titeholders in the junior high,  high school and collegiate divisions will all be crowned on that day.

    An elementary queen will be crowned however she does not go on to a national pageant.

  7. What is the Crown Academy?

    The Crown Academy Program is a program designed to introduce young ladies to the Miss High School America pageant system and the fun experience of pageantry!  It is held during the week of nationals.  Participation fees, hotel and travel to/from the program are the resposibility of the family of the participant.  

  8. Are we required to purchase additional ads for the program booklet?

    No.  Selling ads is not a requirement for the state pageant, however the winners competing at the national level are expected to purchase an ad in the national program book.

  9. Is there a "non-compete" clause?

    No, not at all!  

    We understand that there are many pageants out there welcome young ladies participating in ours while competing in others. 

  10. What are the areas of competition?

    Elementary, Junior High, High School and Collegiate compete in interview, evening gown and runway/fun fashion.

    There is absolutely no aerobic, swimsuit or fitness categories!

    No talent category either.

    Miss High School  are NOT allowed to have slits or cut-outs in their gowns.  

    Wardrobe is expected to be age appropriate. 

  11. Are appearances required? Am I expected to have a platform?

    You are not expected to have a platform, however you are expected to promote the message of the system, BRAVE, our anti-bullying message.

    Titleholders are expected to do a small amount of appearances during their reign.  More information is provided to the winners.

  12. When is the national pageant?

    The national pageant is in June 26-July 1, 2017 in Little Rock, Arkansas.

  13. Do I have to compete in a preliminary pageant to compete at the national level?

    At this time, most states are now run by a director and are offering state pageants.  These winners go on to represent their state at the national level pageants.

  14. Is nationals a one-day pageant?

    No. Nationals is a week-long experience filled with activities and competition. It will be held in Little Rock, Arkansas in June 2017.

  15. Who is the national director? What is the state director's background?

    Amanda Patterson is the national director, as well as Mrs Arkansas America 2011.

    Your state director is Tracey Jamison, a former titleholder, pageant coach and a 20+ year higher education professional with the University System of Maryland.  This system provides the perfect combination of pageantry and the importance of education!

  16. How do I reach the state director?

    Tracey Jamison

    Phone: 410-409-5603 Call or text anytime!!!


    Mail may be sent to:

    Tracey Jamison

    Maryland School Pageants

    8107 Kylemore Way

    Ellicott City, Maryland 21043

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